Finger Food Vs a Buffet Meal: Which Is Better?

Finger Food Vs a Buffet Meal: Which Is Better?
At Texas Bull Machine our catering services include finger food options where you have an array of delicious options to select from and you can mix to your guest’s preferences. We also offer buffet style options that include our tasty selection of vegetables and salads.

So, if you’re planning a party or event, which is the best option to choose? Finger food or a buffet style? Here’s what you need to consider.  

Is there places for people to sit and eat?

If you are going to have a buffet style catering service at your event then you really need spaces where people are able to sit down and enjoy their meal. There doesn’t have to be tables for every single guest but if you supplied enough seating then this is a great option. If your event is more the stand and mingle type then finger food is a better option for your guests. 

What sort of atmosphere are you trying to create?

Atmosphere is important, as what you serve and how you serve it can really set the mood for a party. For example, if you’re going for a formal or cocktail event, you may wish to choose some of our finer starter and finger foods to create an air of sophistication. If you’re hosting a big family event you may wish to make it more warm and homely which can be achieved by a great buffet. 

What time of day is the event?

Ask yourself whether the food your guests are eating would be classed as a full meal. If you have guests arriving right on lunch or dinner time then they’ll be expectation that there’s going to be enough food for a full meal. It’s even more important if serving alcohol that guests have sufficient available food. If you’re planning for just nibbles for your guests then finger food will be sure to delight. Alternatively, if it is around mealtime, then a buffet lunch or dinner could be perfect. Please note, we do have enough finger food options that will leave your guests sufficiently full for a whole meal. 

Still not sure what’s best for you? Contact us today at Texas Bull Machine in Adelaide and we’ll be happy to assist you with planning the catering for your next event.
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