Catering Options for Your Engagement Party

Catering Options for Your Engagement Party
Planning your Engagement party can be a time of excitement and delight. You want everything to be just perfect and for your guests to have a great time. Getting the catering right can really impact the night and there’s a lot of options to choose from. 

Texas Bull Machine offer catering services in Adelaide and have a host of choices when it comes to light food options that will really make your night special. 

Hors D’ourves

Our selection of Hors D’ourves will satisfy anyone’s tastes. We have seafood selections, including prawn twisters and gyozas as well as marinated squid tentacles for the more adventurous. We have the classics with mini pizzas and cocktail sausage rolls, as well as vegetarian options with mini spring rolls and spinach feta triangles. Mix and matchto suit your guests. They’re sure to impress. 


Our delicious soups are a great way to please your guests and you have a variety of flavours to choose from. They’re perfect if you’re serving a large amount of guests with food requirements, such as allergies and vegetarian diets, as you don’t have to have separate menus for each guest.   


Our fine chef prepared Entrees will absolutely delight your guests. The cost covers a choice of two of our amazing dishes and the taste and quality will ensure everyone is satisfied. Choose from delightful Honey glazed or satay chicken, beef stroganoff and lovely crumbed fish. 

Finger Foods

Our Finger Food packages include the selection of eight choices and one of our fine chefs will deliver and prepare the food. Eight options means you can organise the menu to cater to any food allergies, vegetarians, those who don’t eat seafood and other individualchoices. This is also a perfect option for a large group of guests as the higher the numbers, the lower the cost. Plus it ensures a massive variety to be shared amongst your guests across the entire evening. 

So, if you’re planning your Engagement Party around the Adelaide area, then contact Texas Bull Machine for a great selection of catering options. Contact us now

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